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Geese Flying

Geese fly, aiding one another as they go, trusting the Lead Goose and saving precious energy by their joint efforts. Leaders change and as one gets tired it falls back and another takes the lead. They are in continuous conversation, supporting and assuring one another. They know when to fly and when and where to land.

Geese are a plurality, sharing strength, trust and leadership.

We have a great deal to learn from Geese, Geese have a special medicine and one that humankind is sadly lacking.

Let us today, begin our personal process of learning about Goose medicine. This will help us all.

The 3 keys to gaining Goose medicine:

1. Personal strength, finding ones gift, the sacred gift received before birth from the creator, our personal medicine that we can share as our contribution to the plurality. This is the "Thing" that will bring us the
feelings of fulfillment that we so need. That will make us feel good about ourselves, our lives and the world.

2. Trust, in our Creator, ourselves and life. We need to recognize that there is a divine plan and a place for us in it. When we see tragedy and confusion, it is not the plan that is causing it but peoples inability to see and trust the plan. Tragedy has its own meaning, getting our attention and helping us to find the plan and helping to steer ourselves back to it. It would be wonderful if we could do this without needing to be subjected to such harsh reminders. If we are to be helpful to the plurality and ourselves, we must seek out the guidance to learn our lessons the easy way, not through the path of pain and tragedy. We need to catch these things early and support a culture that see problems as opportunities for learning and growth.

3. Leadership is probably the most difficult of all, when we live in a culture of personal achievement and reward. Good leaders, sacrifice their personal freedom for the good of all. Good leaders never put their own gain before community gain. Sacrifice is the keyword to leadership, and that helps leadership to be a temporary role, one that is assumed for a specific project or target and is then passed on as a goal is reached and another appears. In our
society today, we must work to develop a new view of leadership and its responsibilities and tenure.

We will not gain all of these at once but they are keys to an understanding. We grow a little at a time as our understanding allows deep seated change.

We can make these changes in a slow way or speed them up. The slow way is more comfortable but means asking for help in our prayers and keeping this goal in mind over a long term.

There are ceremonies that can shorten this path, they build more faith, strength and commitment.

Nogama, All My Relations





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