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   We have stepped into a new time.

We need to leave the old behind us and take full responsibility, for ourselves and the World we have inherited.

The key to this as I see it is, living in a balanced way.

In the past we heard a lot about body, mind and spirit.

This is an incomplete view, it is not balanced.

We would be much more helpful to see ourselves as body, emotions, mind and Spirit. Here is a balance and a way to get to parts of ourselves that have been ignored or seen as needing to be overcome. This is starving a basic and important aspect of ourselves and causing behavior that is at odds with respecting the gift of our lives and the world we were given to maintain for future generations.

To begin the process of living with our emotions we must heal the places of pain. There are many ways of doing this, and as long as we come to a place where we finally see the places in our early life that pain flows from and anger hides and protects, we can with help find our way beyond and begin to live with joy and compassion.

This journey is a very difficult one and requires great strength and honesty. You can do it by yourself, but it is much more difficult than most can handle.

We can seek help but this can be a very confusing trail to try and follow. Finding help that will work for you and not just confuse the issue is very, very difficult.

We can, if we have the faith, go to source and ask for that help. This is an easier way but not by much. When we have no outside observer we can often trick ourselves to make ourselves feel better and not get to the core of the problem because we don't want to feel the pain, we want to feel good about ourselves.

The Creator has given us tools. These tools are gifts given long ago and will get us through these problems. We need to go to these tools and see that they are the tools as originally given and not altered because someone thought they knew better than the Creator what would work, or worse, altered because someone didn't think they needed to take the time to find the original tools and cobbled together something they thought might just do the trick. This is disrespectful to the Gift and to the Giver.

The Gift (Tool) I speak of is the Sweat Lodge. A place given by the creator for prayer and healing. Here with the help of the Creator and the old ones we can find the pain and anger and let it go. This tool has been used for thousands of years, not out of habit but because it works.

There are many Lodges available today, but 2 warnings,

1.This was a gift from the creator, NO ONE SHOULD CHARGE ANYONE FOR A GIFT, so if someone charges for the ceremony, look somewhere else. In traditional ways one gives a gift in return, the time and wood are not free, see that the Lodge Keeper and his or her family do not have to suffer because they use their resources to help others denying themselves in the process ( this happens a lot). Be generous and it will come back.

2. This ceremony is about Love, Compassion, Purity and Forgiveness if one hears words of personal judgment concerning others, spiritual paths, and or ceremonies, one should look elsewhere.

My suggestion for anyone looking to find a Lodge:

For four days, go outside if possible and pray each morning, asking the Creator for a pathway to open for them to find a Lodge for their healing. It is always helpful to smudge before praying. Four Days, then watch and listen. The answer may come in a most unusual way, a sign on a billboard, a clip in a newspaper or a chance encounter.

It would be very unusual for this not to work but if you missed the sign or problems you are having make it hard to keep your mind on your search. Try again, 4 days but this time praying, for the path opening and your ability to see the opening.

You will find the path if you keep trying and your life will change in ways you did not believe were possible. This is a miraculous pathway.

Nogama, All my Relations




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