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Words from the Past


I was sent this from one of my other groups and thought that is
shouild be shared here. Makes you winder about it huh,for my eyes
water when I go out doors and I drink that black water!.....I
remember the old men of my village. These old, old men used to
prophesy about the coming of the white man. They would go about
tapping their canes on the adobe floor of the house, and call to us

"Listen! Listen! The gray-eyed people are coming nearer and nearer.
They are building an iron road. They are coming nearer every day.
There will be a time when you will mix with these people. That is
when the Gray Eyes are going to get you drink hot, black water,
which you will drink whenever you eat. Then your teeth will become

"They will get you to smoke at a young age, so that your eyes will
run tears on windy days, and your eyesight will be poor. Your joints
will crack when you want to move slowly and softly."

"You will sleep on soft beds and will not like to rise early. When
you begin to wear heavy clothes and sleep under heavy covers, then
you will grow lazy. Then there will be no more singing heard in the
valleys you walk."

"When you begin to eat with iron sticks, your tones will grow
louder. You will speak louder and talk over your parents. You will
grow disobedient, You will mix with those gray-eyed people, and you
will learn their ways; you will break up your homes, and murder and

Such things have come true, and I have to compare my generation with
the old generation. We are not as good as they were; we are not as
healthy as they were.

How did these old men know what was coming? That is what I would
like to know.

James Paytiamo - Acoma Pueblo