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There are sacred sites in your own backyard. Your world is sacred. She is filled with sacred springs, caves, mountains, stone circles, old growth trees. Seeing the trees and landscape around you as holy, seeing the earth and the trees around you as her body is seeing the truth. The earth around us is sacred. The land itself and its animals are part of the template that changes our world view and changes our lives. The land in our own backyard is a doorway into the sacred world. The earth speaks to us, changes us, and heals us as we listen to her stories. The place you are in now has sources of energy that you can go to, to empower who you are. We hope that this site will teach you to be reconnected with the earth with sacred mountains, springs, ancient old growth trees, and caves. It will help you reconnect with sites used by ancient peoples like stone circles, mounds, and ruins. She who makes the shaman speaks to you and if you listen to her you understand and you can see yourself inside the eyes of the eagle. You can see your refection in the eyes of the owl. She shows you the spirits, she show you the way not to be exploitive but to listen to the voice of your heart and the voice of the earth. Rivers and springs Rivers and springs are the circulatory system of the living earth. They are the flowing, the move water, they purify, they carry away. Ancient peopls always lived on water. They travelled on water. Villiages were built on rivers, temple mounds, circles. Rivers join each other, then flow to the sea if they are large enough. The meetings of rivers was always sacred. Villiages were always built on the meetings of rivers. Peoples met there, joined. Meetings were about joining, about comng together. Rituals done on rivers are about purfication, about change, about, carrying to everyone, dispersal, about beauty, about love. Springs are the flowing from Her heart to you. They are about the pure, the sacred. First nations peoples always believe that the voices of all the springs are connected. One voice can speak for all the others. You can hear all the spirngs if you listen to the old woman of the spirngs at any spring. Rituals of springs always were about rebirth, renewal, babtism, healing. Springs have always been about the power of Her in her healing waters. Lourdes, Tinos, and millions of other springs were belived to have water which could heal illness. There were always sacred shrines, and villiages around springs. Ancient trees Ancient trees are the earth's pubic hair. They are the skin, the tissue, the life of the earth. They are the oldest life we can speak to, that we can see. They represent age. All around us are ancient trees. There have been ancient trees on earth since the beginning of time. Some ancient trees alive now have actually been living on earth since before Christ was born. Some are the oldest living creatures. Even the most of the earth has been lumbered and is lumbered over and over again, there are still ancient trees that remain. They were left behind because they were curved, too small when others were cut, inaccessible, or to powerful to cut down. Or maybe it was too late in the day or a lightning bolt came down and stopped the saw. Right in your own backyard is a grandfather tree. The grandfather or grandmother tree is the oldest tree living around your house. Somewhere near you is the grandfather tree for the neighborhood, the area. The grandfather tree is in charge. It is the leader of the other trees in its area. It helps them grow. Never hurt a grandfather tree or the whole forest is at risk. The ancient trees speak to us. They tell us they are sacred, they are the guardians, the first voices. The champion trees, the national register trees, the largest trees, the old growth trees, the trees that have been alive for hundreds and thousands of years speak to us. These are the trees that have seen the ancient ones, the spirit animals living under them for thousands of years. It an ancient tree falls, it becomes a medicine tree, it holds a sacred space. An ancient tree who fell in a lightning storm says," I have been here since the ancient ones. I have lived her when the ancient ones lived here. I sacrificed myself for you. I protected you. Nested owls that called to you lived in my branches. I spoke to you at night. I brought you your dreams. I brought her to you. I do. Make a medicine wheel with my wood. Make a sacred place where I used to live. Remember me and all ancient trees."