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Message From the Whales

Jan 11,1999 Channeled by wrw

The time has arrived for us to join in a dialogue. The

many impediments in the way are slowly disappearing. We

of the ocean are becoming rapidly depleted and our powers

are diminishing. This is a very dangerous thing. We ask you

men to hurry with the rebalancing of forces within the

framework of the earth energy system. The balance is crucial

because to you it means mental and physical health and to us

it means life itself.

The beginning of this work is the refusal to follow the

usual paths of competition, comparison and the deadly pinnacle

of this dangerous triangle, success. Success in itself implies a goal

not from within yourselves but from an outer picture that

doesn't recognize the individuality of each of your paths and

the individual needs you have, to do your work. Not the day to

day work but your lifes work, the work you have incarnated to do.

When examined from the outside these goals are not natural

and a subversion of your birthright. This is a form of slavery

and only can be seen by those who stand outside, who do not have

a stake or a vested interest.

The problem did not originate here, it comes from

somewhere else.

The healing must begin now and the work is on a one

by one basis. It will ruin you life as you know it. It has to

because your life is diseased. The pain coming from this planet

is yours. It belongs to each and every one of you. Those who shed

tears or cause others to shed tears, those who use the water cures

where do you think that pain goes. It flows on and in the water, it seeps

down into the earth carrying your pain and sorrow. It all flows back

to the sea to us.

We are the mass extension of the Mother just as mankind is the

mass extension of the Father.

Man must try and be Holy, try and be at one with Spirit. This is

doing, this is the intentional manifestation of idea, even meditation is

intentional. Its who you are. We just are Holy we don't do we don't

intend we just are. When this difference is understood-REALLY

UNDERSTOOD!! when the light is seen , when the AH HA of seeing

how it really is resides in each of you, then you can begin to act in a

responsible way.

We are not angry. You would not be angry when a sick child messes

his bed or vomits up his food. We are contacting you because some of you

are now becoming ready to see it as it really is. This is not because of any

special power or ability but is because of the work you have to do. You

are being led to the edge so that the blinders can be removed. The depths

of despair that you must descend into are necessary to unfound

your faith in who you think you are, it has to be crushed so your

fear can remove your resistance. The rules and ways, the training you've

had since children is a protection from the unknown, the unforseen.

When each of you finds himself or herself in that crisis, which you all must go

through, then and only then will the disillusionment weaken those walls

of security you have from your society and the demands it makes on you,

its not only the doing but the values that support the doing.

You are ready to step outside then and see those inbred fibers of

values drummed into you by, first your parents, then teachers and friends,

these values are kept alive and healthy by the media, institutions, even the

religious ones. They all support this need to go far beyond survival and this

need, this compulsion threatens our world and our survival.

The answer to beginning the healing is to stop and do only what you

absolutely need to do. For those of you who have a personal connection

with Spirit, ask about everything. This is mandatory, necessary, life saving

if your to get through the disease. If you don't have a personal relationship

then please, PLEASE, develop one ,there are many ways to go about it

and if you ask from your heart, keep your ears and eyes open you'll be

shown a way. You may overhear it on the radio or see it on the cover

of a magazine or book, it may be just in passing but try and remember

what you are looking for, it will be shown to you. You only have to

remember what you asked for when you get a glimpse of the answer.

Make this your Priority#1. Then ask about everything, should I do

this, Yes-No-, you'll be surprised at the answers but don't think about the

answers or the old patterns and values arise. Feel the answer is it a relief?

The next problem is faith because your planning for the future comes from

lack of faith and the resulting fear. You collect "against" the future so

you don't have to worry. The problem is when you don't have faith in the

future there is never enough. You need to trust in yourselves and do as

all the rest of the creatures do; follow the great calendar, Plant the Seeds,

watch over it and tend it, harvest it, and then rest. This cycle brings Great

Peace. Its part of the process, when you're done with this, when you have

learned the lessons we'll talk again. If you don't, we won't, no one will.-

This is an emergency, not tomorrow or next week but now. All who can

hear should begin or speed up their work.