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From Ronald, one of our list members, in response to the Spirital Superiority post. Some interesting material.

Plunge deeply into the swirling ocean of Psyche and look upon two faces of Janus - Apollo and Dionysus - animus/anima. Step beyond the worn rhetoric of illusory male/female dichotomy.
Seek the underlying gestalt . . .

The Gentle-Men ['Solar Males'], out there, will have to watch closely
as you tend to hold in your issues and not deal with them, this is not a criticism, it is a fact and not your fault as such, society has taught you to be tough and not talk about your problems.

But you newage men [Dionysian, 'Solar-Lunar' integrated Males], out there, know it is fine to talk, so those men around you who are having difficulty, please tell them it is all right to cry and speak their troubles. New age Gentle- Men it is now your turn to walk your walk, and help other men who are unaware. You do not have to go into great detail about what is happening just get them to open up..
Hey Apollo, Make Way For Dionysus!
Ronald wrote: the tangled Gordion Knot of post-Victorian masculinity requires some degree of patience, finesse, a understanding to untangle. Let us not be too hasty in applying the brute force blade of incisive intellect,which, devoid of love, separates and destroys that which cries to be healed.
After all, we are talking about the delicate and sacred Psyche, the young woman who loved and was loved by Eros and was united with Him after Aphrodite's, [the intellect?] jealousy was overcome. She subsequently became the personification of the soul.
Know Thyself
Many people are afraid to confront their inner reality; they may find ugly or unpleasant aspects of themselves. They pretend to know themselves, often believing they really do. They expend enormous amounts of energy in maintaining an illusory facade; the more illusory, the more desperately they defend it and the greater their underlying fear. Yet each defensive action, each denial reveals rather than hides, the underlying insecurity. Fear, narrow-mindedness, repression, constriction and a sense of isolation result, and the true inner reality remains unknown.
Surprisingly, we learn to accept and love ourselves only when we
stop trying to hide, and hide from, our inner reality. We can only
share with others those parts of ourselves which we had discovered
and accepted, and can only change those unpleasant aspects in
ourselves which we have thoroughly examined, and recognized as
needing change.
Self-exploration can be risky at times. Newly-won perspectives
can upset old habits and attitudes, and shake the very foundation
of our belief systems, as the major arcana illustrates, [XVI THE
TOWER), yet this is an essential step in any transformational process.
The rewards of such an internal cleansing process are great. Each
time we reveal and let go of one of our cherished illusions, we come
one step closer to our own true, boundless and enduring selves.
What we let go and lose in this process never has been really ours;
what is destroyed never has been rooted in our true being.
In letting go you arrive at the still place in yourself where you
and the stillness are one; you arrive home and you and your
home are one.
Gerd Zeigler - Waakirchen, August 1984
Zolling, July 1985
The god Dionysus is described by Walter Otto:
Dionysus, himself, who raises life into the heights of ecstacy, is
the suffering god. The raptures he brings, rise from the innermost
stirrings of that which lives. But wherever these depths are agitated,
there along with rapture and birth, rise up also horror and ruin.
As seen from the perspective of Apollo, circumspect and careful, Dionysus is a strange god. Dionysus is slightly mad, impulsice, off-balance. Apollo is representative of Neumann's solar, "higher" phallos; his hallmark is not ecstacy, but order and regularity. (status, pride, pillar-of-community, social standing) Not so Dionysus. His intrinsic connection with feminity causes
him to emote with intensity, to feel rather than talk about feeling. Dionysian feeling is touched with hysteria. To as Apollonian, such excess is unbearable.
To a Dionysian, it belongs, even if it becomes tiresome to be always be picking up the peices.
Karl Kerenyi, the mythologist writes that:
. . . the trickster god such as Hermes or Dionysus is the transpersonal source of a particular life-style and way of experiencing the world
. . . transcending the scientific view of the world . . . This aspect
is utterly real and remains within the realm of natural experience
. . . Only at this point do we cross the boundary of experiences
resting on sense impressions, but not the boundary of those which
have undoubted psychic reality.
The sightly mad qualities of Dionysus and his flock belong to
psychic reality, and room must be made for them, whether or
not Apollonians enjoy the coexistence.
The integration of a man's moon side with his solar side is the
task of consciousness, a process inherent in the Dionysian image.
To the extent that this takes place in a male, he moves closer to
Unus Mundus, where fulfillment is the mirror image of suffering.
The more Dionysus is accepted in a man's personality, the less
crazy the image becomes.
'Today, in an age that is witnessing the return of the Goddess in all ways and on all levels, the idea of one more male deity may appear to be a step backward. But along with looking toward the feminine power as a cure for our personal and societal ills, we must remember to invoke those forgotten and positive aspects of our most ancient God. The Horned God is just, never cruel; firm, but not vindictive. The Horned God loves women as equals. He
provides the balance needed in the New Age, and he must be invoked as clearly and as ardently as the Goddess to whom he is twin. So much has been written of our Primal Goddess that it is refreshing to read of her consort,
the Primal God-- which the author eventually finds in himself after looking nearly everywhere else, the hero's quest fulfilled. The New Age cultus has become so obsessed with the Divine Feminine that they have neglected Her consort -- the twin brother and lover -- who balanced Her in all things and all ways. If the New Age IS NOT TO FLOUNDER THROUGH LACK OF BALANCE, this primal Horned God must be brought back into our lives as purely as possible. In recent times, the inevitable backlash to thousands of years of repressive patriarchy and de-valuation of the feminine has led to the re-
emergence of women's spirituality and a new respect for the ancient Goddess. Yet now the balance is seeking equilibrium -- not a denial of men and everythingmale, but a new equality between the sexes. Men may well and rightly revere the Goddess and seek to restore the lost feminine within themselves. Yet, in the process they must not lose sight of the positive aspects of their own masculinity. There must be a male partner in this hieros gamos, the holy marriage within the psyche. Male Spirituality explores these aspects and
possibilities that exist in today's world for male quests for the sacred and for the restoration of the awe and reverence due to our primordial male gods. Men must now forsake the negative and tyrannical aspects of the sexless gods of the patriarchies and embrace instead the wisdom of Odin, the compassion of Osiris, the justice of Zeus, and the moral strength of Krishna. Neither should we overlook the law- giving leadership of the god of Moses, the mercy and self-sacrifice of Jesus, the call to honor and righteousness made by Mohammed. Today, in an age that is witnessing the return of the Goddess in all ways and on all levels, there is also a need to find, and re-define, the God within. Men and women -- need to know and to experience The Divine Masculine as well as The Divine Feminine so that the God, too, may be renewed.'
excerpted from Alan Richardson's book, "Earth God Rising"
The Babylonian Myth of Inanna's Search for Her Beloved Dumuzi:
Dumuzi alias Tammuz, harvest god of ancient Mesopotamia;
in Sumer, the god of vegetation and of the Underworld
Dumuzzi's titles include the shepherd and lord of the sheepfolds. He is a companion of Ningizzida (also his mother) and stands at the gates of heaven. An ancestor of the semi-divine hero Gilgamesh, he was the consort of Inanna (Ishtar), who was one of the most popular Babylonian deities. When Dumuzi died (he had been a king of Uruk) Inanna sought him, but failed to bring him
back from the Underworld where he reigned now as king. Unlike Tammuz, Attis and Adonis, he did not rise again. To ensure the continued fertility of the land, the kings of Uruk, successors to Dumuzi, ritually mated with the goddess Inanna,represented by a priestess.

Mind Magic wrote:
> Written by one of our list members ....
> Spiritual Superiority
> Men have been in the lead, in control, for millions of years on this
> planet, and the results have been tremendous technologicial progress at the expense of the health of the planet. The wisdom of women has been shut down again and again by men who believe themselves to be superior, that women are 'less than' men. I used to be one of those 'superior' men in other lives, but I'm feeling much better now.

Of course the idea that
'men should lead' is in the Bible, Koran, etc. MEN wrote them! Imagine
the level of nurturing that would exist on this planet if women were in charge instead of barely even heard. Contemplate that...How many wars would have never been fought? How much toxic waste would have never been produced?

It is my experience that spiritual superiority (very charged phrase) is in the ability to *Feel* LOVE, period. Only by feeling and becoming Love have I been able to master my most painful issues and grow spiritually.
Spirituality is not a function of the neocortex, it is a function of the

In my experience and observation in life and in doing energy work on many people:
Men, ¤in general¤, tend to have superior abilities in logic and mental exercises.
Women, ¤in general¤, tend to have superior ability to feel deeply, to love, to show emotions and to nurture.
Of course, these abilities are present in some degree in everyone, but I'm wager that most people have met those who are all logic and no heart and those who are all emotion and no logic. I have found that a very large amount of men are emotionally shut down. I have also found that very few women are emotionally shut down. Many women believe that they are indeed inferior to men, but this is simply from so many lifetimes of having that belief reinforced in them from the men in their reality.

I believe that the women's ability to love, feel deeply and nurture gives them a spiritual 'advantage', but not superiority. Dominion and superiority is not going to bring people together, in my opinion. Men have been going to war for centuries, killing to prove their absolute *lack* of emotion and feeling, killing to prove superiority. The end result is a lot of men with lifetimes of supressed emotions, rage, violence, etc. This can be found in almost every male who has incarnated any amount of time on this plane. Almost every karmic session I have done on men involves removing blockages to really feeling love and absolving the guilt over killing, persecuting, etc. for very many lifetimes. For men, being a warrior was one of the most glorious occupations. If we lived long enough, we were praised by society at large and had many women to chooe from. The only
problem is that one can only hack off so many heads before they must force themselves to be numb to the process and cut off from their hearts that are crying out for them to stop killing.

I highly recommend to everyone to purchase or borrow a copy of Ramtha's 'The Human Drama.' Either in video, book, or audio form. The story of the 'fall of women' is an education that I believe everyone could benefit tremendously from. www.ramtha.com
The basic gist of the fall of women is that one male priest dictated that women were actually soulless (that's right, that women had no souls) and that men should rule with no regard to the female. Furthermore, men were forbidden to show any 'female' qualities, such as crying, emotions, love. If men were to show these female qualities, then they would also be declared soulless. This took a few generations to really take hold planet wide, but it surely did, except for a few isolated matriarchal cultures. Women were raped, murdered, treated like slaves and cattle. Men lost their ability to feel because they had to in order to to not show any female qualities. Yet through this all, women were still able to feel deeply, to love their children, and never lost contact with their heart center.

<Begin Minor digression>
Now, one's soul energy has a charge. Positive for male and negative for female. The bodies we are in also have the same charge. We usually incarnate into a body that matches our soul's charge. Positively charged souls (male) are drawn to male bodies, and the same for negatively charged souls to incarnate as females. So for the most part, we incarnate into same polarity bodies as our soul's energy. However, after being a woman for hundreds of rather wretched lifetimes of rape, abuse, no education, prostution for survival, depending on men for survival, etc, many women
decided that it was better to be a man. If they were in a male body, they could be heard, their opinions would be respected, they wouldn't get raped. At the same time, men who had warred for so many lifetimes and were forbidden to show emotions started feeling that the women had it better because they didn't have to kill, they could cry whenever they wanted to, had emotional freedom.
This created what is known as 'crossovers', where a soul with one sex incarnates into a body with the opposite sex. This creates a lot of confusion for the soul, and also for the body they have incarnated into. Crossovers tend to die young because the hormone flow does not function properly since the electrical charge (positive or negative) is not what the body needs to function properly. Crossovers are not uncommon, but are far in the minority of beings on the planet. It is wise to discern if somebody is male in a male body, female in a female body, or has crossed over. This
will create anomolies in the 'generalizations' that we make about gender.

<End Minor Digression>

How many men do you know that can run mental exercises all day long, but have no *feelings*? I know quite a few. Mentally, men can claim superiority over women, and this may be justified in many cases. Emotionally, women can claim superiority over men, which will be justified in many cases.

If spiritual ability does indeed equate to one's ability to feel love, then who is superior? I believe that it varies from person to person. I also believe that everyone needs to love themselves more. Whenwe *really* love ourselves with all of our might, we can master any attitude and engage the process of gaining true enlightenment.

I Love you,

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