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| September 8, 2001 |

Today we would like to talk to you about some of the things that are about to begin showing up on your perceptual screen. We would remind you to keep your breath open, as some of the things we will be talking about may cause some temporary discomfort to contemplate. We would prefer to not ever cause you any discomfort, but sometimes during a birth, there is some pain and pressure, and the more you can simply accept the process--in all of its aspects--the easier the process will go for you.

That being said, you--as a planetary population--are about to enter a time of deepening strife and travail. There is safe haven within yourself, no matter where you are located on the planetary surface, and we are close at hand, guiding and protecting and showering our love and grace over you. Whatever we may say here, whatever your eyes may see as you look around you, please remember that. If you feel yourself being overwhelmed by anything, just close your eyes for a moment, deepen your breathing, and come into your center. Feel the ground beneath your feet and remain rooted there until you are calm and serene in the midst of everything.

The first symptoms of the unraveling have begun to appear. The first wobbles of the axis are occurring and the center of things has begun to oscillate between one pole and another--both geophysically, politically, economically, and culturally. There is a profound change underway that affects every aspect of life in every part of the world, and all parts interact with and are connected to every other part, so the change will oscillate and ramify and be amplified with each oscillation. This is part of the "shaking" that we have talked about, and it will shake loose everything before it is over. Nothing of the old ways will pass through this time. Only essence will survive and move on. Only what is in keeping with YOUR essence will survive the shift and move on. Many of the acculturated patterns will not make it though the "gate," and you will truly become entirely new beings.

On the way to the homecoming, though, you will pass through scenes of increasing turmoil and chaos. Many will be very frightened, as the fabric of their life becomes torn and shattered through these massive shifts and changes in the foundation that underlies the entire system. However, this is what their Oversouls chose for them to experience in this life, and it is also a time that is rich with opportunity for discovering what is REALLY important, for discovering where one's priorities really lie. It will not be an easy time, but as so many of you have already discovered by going through your own travail, there is something gained in the end that is more precious than any material possession could possibly be. It is the inner peace and release that comes from surrender that is the "gold" within the cloud. It is the golden treasure of Spirit that will fill you now, and it is the time of the ingathering.

This will not be an easy thing for some of you to hear, because you care and you want to help and you still have fears about what will happen to the "others." Even so, this is as it was intended to be from the beginning, and is totally in keeping with the choices made by all of the Oversouls, individually and collectively. The ingathering is taking place now, and it represents the collecting of those who are going to Terra and removing them from the world scene for a time, until it is time to return and gather up those who have gone through the trials and been transformed by them.

This is about the harvest, and if we may take a few lines from your Bible, it is the time to separate the wheat from the tares, to send the workers into the fields and gather it into the barns. This is the time of the ingathering, and the withdrawal from the world for a time, until it is time to return. Let this sink in. Let this register. Let it fill you and let it deepen you and let it flow, without resistance, until you are at peace. Let all the resistance come up and move out of you. Let it all go. Let go and let God. Let go. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

There is no more to be done than to gather up those who are being lifted now. Then the full impact of the travail of the birth will play out on the planetary surface, and there will be much pain and suffering wherever there is resistance. This is a mighty, scouring force, and it will not be pleasant for many who go through it, but it must occur. The lesson is one of surrender and of turning inward for support and succor. There are some lessons to be learned about the consequences of not taking responsibility for one's life and truth. There are some lessons to be learned about abdicating responsibility for one's life and truth and placing it into the hands of others. There will be many hard lessons learned.

The ingathering will remove all but a few of you from the planetary surface. Some will remain because their work for the planet requires it, but most of you will be lifted up out of the frequency band you now occupy and be totally hidden away until it is time to return. You will not be available to those who are left behind, so that they may have their opportunity to learn what you have learned. It is all in divine order and all within the Divine Plan. You are already being lifted now, and that separating out from the mass consciousness can be felt by those of you who are sufficiently sensitive to the more subtle energies to perceive it.

It will appear that the light is withdrawn with you, but that will never be the case. It will appear that you have abandoned those who remain behind, but that will never be the case. You will simply be withdrawing for a time so that you can return to help when you are really needed. You need to change your costume for your new role, and you need a safe place in which to accomplish that. You are simply going away to prepare for the real help you can give, and you will be needed in great numbers near the end of things, as there will be many who need your help at that time. The kind of help you can give now is fairly limited, although your task of grounding the light and your meditation and prayers have been very effective in supporting the cleansing so far. But when it comes time to gather up those who have gone through the time of trials, it will not be enough to offer words of comfort or a book to read or a meditation circle. By then, things will be very different than they are now and a different kind of help will be needed. Wars and climate change and economic collapse and tyranny will all have taken their toll, and simple techniques and words will not be enough. You will literally walk through the killing fields and offer a hand to those who are ready to leave with you. You will need to be clothed in your armor of protection and you will need to be in full consciousness. You will be as living Christs (anointed ones) and carry the vibration and power that comes through such a state of being.

So now the lifting proceeds and the separating out proceeds and all will play out in increasingly serious fashion. You will find that, even though all is collapsing around you, you will have peace. You will have peace because you will have learned the lessons and will have learned how to surrender to the higher light and wisdom. You will have peace because you have learned how to face down your fears and accept your life's path with serenity. In that peace, you will find bliss and relief and you will accept the light and the lifting. So, now, let go of the feeling that there is anything to do now but accept the lifting. The things that will play out on the planetary surface MUST play out and there is nothing you need to resist or change. Let go and let God, and receive the peace of that.

Let peace be your refuge and armor against the pain of those around you. You cannot help them if you engage in their pain. You cannot be lifted if you are still clinging to the old forms and patterns. Let go and let God. Let God handle the details. You are not responsible for anyone but yourself. It is enough to receive the lifting, for by that means you will be able to really help when it is needed. We have been repeating ourselves throughout this Message because we really want you to "get it." Let go and let God. Do not resist what is happening around you. Receive peace.

All your life, and in all of your lives, you have been preparing for this time. It is here now. If you had a feeling that you had to DO something--set up a center, found a movement, teach a class, write a book--for most of you, that time is now over. For SOME of you--those who have elected to remain behind and who have work to do through the difficult times ahead--you will be guided and you will know what is yours to do. Each one of you reading this has a part to play in all of this. Some of you will remain and play your part that way for now; the rest will be lifted gradually until you are "gone from the scene," so that you can complete your "costume change" and prepare for your new role. We are with you all, and we will be coming closer to you now, so many of you who have not felt us will be able to feel us now. You have been activated by the light codes in these Messages and it is easier now for you to receive us. Let go and let God. Let go of your attachments as to how it will be for you or for those around you. Let it all be the way it is intended to be and you will have joy in all your undertakings. There will come a time when it is all ended, and then you will have Terra to look forward to. Let go. Float upwards. Let go. We are with you, every step of the way.

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth.

We are the Hosts of Heaven.