The Hopi and How We Can Help

The Hopi have been doing their work against incredible odds for years beyond counting. Most of us have heard about the Hopi Prophesies and their importance in the coming times. I suggest to get a good picture of the problems the Hopi are facing that you read "The Hopi Survival Kit" by Thomas E. Mails. and/or "Hotevilla, Hopi Shrine of the Covenant, Microcosm of the World", co-authored by Thomas E. Mails and Dan Evenhema. They explain, far better than I could ever do, the problem. I will put in a few lines from the end of "Hopi Survival Kit":

It is time now for the formation of a global family that is blending

with the land and celebrating life, for people who will be enviornmentalists

by nature, and a universal family by choice.

When you take up the banner of the creator and board the Spiritual Ark, you are

going to blend in a wonderful way. By expressing your new feelings toward others,

Earth Mother, and the rest of creation, you are about to develop a new attitude that

will bring superb things to pass. In dealing with life in general on the Ark, and with

specific life in the instance of plants and other created things, you will be living each

day in the midst of a transformation that will assure survival. Everything will be

softer, quieter, and more gentle. Peace and beauty will be your guiding stars. When

this feeling reaches Mother Earth, she will quiet down too, and all of us can rest easily

while we prepare for the future.

For example, the point in developing a new attitude toward your plants is not only

beneficial in what it does for the plant, it is beneficial for what it does for you and

others. What you send out in every instance comes back to you a thousand fold.

Changing what you think about yourself will change the whole of you. Other

people will see and feel this, and it will stimulate and change them. The Elderly

Elder"s attitude promotes this ripple effect. It fills you up, overflows, and then ripples

out to touch and change the rest of the world. The direction of the Great Play will

be influenced, the prophecies will soften, and the severity of the ending will be

reduced. The pace will slow; and the intensity will be diminished. Even the form will

change. Every threat will be pushed back, so that we will have the time we need to

shape the closing down of this cycle, and to determine how the next cycle will begin.

You will have noted that on some years the Hopi ceremonial cycle begins with the

initiation of family and friends who are ready to come on board. These are

individuals who will join you in the carrying-out of the ceremonial and susistence

cycles. When you have achieved your place in the Spiritual Ark, it is time to initiate

others, to welcome them into the Ark, and then to teach them what you have learned.

Begin with your own children. Then reach out to others. Do the initiation on the day

of the Winter Solstice, December 21. What will the initiation consist of? Well, you

won't try and duplicate what the Hopi do. You should make it your own personal

moment, and keep it simple. Tell the initiates about the Hopi Elders and the ongoing

Traditionalists, and tell them your own story of how you emerged from an underworld

of what you were and into a whole new opportunity for life. Add that you did this at

this critical time when the world is edging closer to the closing of its Fourth Cycle.

Then tell them everything you can about the Spiritual Ark, and what you are doing

as you live there. End with a prayer for one-ness, for hope and of thanksgiving.

About the Spiritual Ark: agiain I Quote from "The Hopi Survival Kit"

God told Noah that it would rain for forty days and forty nights, and then said

that the earth would be covered with water. Everyone and everything on it would

be drowned. Then he told Noah to build a huge Ark to save the faithful humans

and other creatures that would be needed to start a new world once the flood waters

receded. The Hopi say it was this flood that brought the Third Cycle of the world to a close.

The Bible story of the flood is an apt metaphor for those of us who wish to survive

the closing phase of the Fourth Cycle, and who hope that we, or our descendants, will

be around to enter the fifth one. How wonderful then that, for the Hopi and us, the

Creator and Maasaw have provided A Spiritual Ark that consists of carefully chosen

thoughts, words, deeds, and promises. Together, these make up the manner of life that

will be led on the Ark. The existence of this Ark is what makes the giving of the

prophecies understandable, and with the exception of the Biblical prophecies, it

elevates the Hopi prophecies far above the rest of the Prophetic Field.

I hope this has encouraged you to read the "Hopi Survival Kit".

This how we can help ourselves our family and the Earth

To help the Hopi, I've included a page from "

The Hopi Survival Kit"


How You Can Help





To cover expenses for removing all intrusions in Hotvela created by the Hopi Tribal Council we need:


Legal Funds to pay for lawyers, court costs and technical experts


Legal and technical assistance and research


Telephone bills, xeroxing bills or lease or Xerox machine


Travel expenses and gas to attend meetings, court hearings


Trailers for an office


They have a 501(c)3 through Don't Waste Arizona, Inc


Send Tax Deductable Contributions for the Hopi Legal Fund


Stephen M. Brittle, President

Don't Waste Arizona, Inc.

6205 S. 12th Street

Phoenix, AZ. 85040

Phone# (602) 268-6110

please put in the memo portion of the check:

for Caretakers of Hotvela in Hopi Legal Fund