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The Great Shift 2001

The Great Shift is inevitable. It is a certainty in all the probable timelines of your future. What actually happens at this Zero Point, or Cosmic Birth, is still undetermined and depends entirely on the collective consciousness latent in that moment.

These are the two probability scenarios that exist at this time. One is that at the moment of Zero Point that all beings on this planet are translated into the 4th dimension. This is the best-case scenario. The other is that there will be a split between the worlds, that those who are prepared to move into 4-D will do so, and those who are not will remain behind in 3-D to play out their karma on a parallel Earth, which will likely result in cataclysmic destruction. The third alternative probability and worst-case scenario, that your entire planet would be destroyed in a great cataclysm, no longer exists. This did seem a likely possibility up until a decade or two ago in your time, and on behalf of all the ascended masters I congratulate you on the shift of consciousness you have already undergone so as to avert this!

There is a great light being carried on the Earth right now. This is why we believe it is possible to shift out further from the second scenario of partial translation into 4-D to the best-case scenario of a full translation of planet Earth. This is also why the advent of Zero Point has been postponed to the extent possible in order to give all humanity the opportunity to make the Shift together. Many of your ancient prophecies speak to the second stream of probability because that seemed to be the most hopeful scenario envisioned at that time. Jesus spoke of the "rapture", of two men working in the fields, one of which would be taken, the other left behind. Christian, Muslim and Hebrew scriptures are replete with images of a "day of judgement", when the "righteous’ would be rewarded and the "unrighteous" punished. There are also metaphors in this age that reflect the first scenario. The story of "the hundredth monkey", which is an apt description of biological as well as spiritual evolution, is one example. Always it is true that when there is a sufficient number of beings envisioning and practicing a new paradigm, that the "law of grace" is then invoked, and the rest of the monkeys, or humanity, as the case may be, are brought into entrainment.

What needs to happen for mass consciousness to shift from the second to the first stream of probability? The second scenario is based on "karma", the first scenario on "grace". You need to understand that the "law of grace" is a higher octave of the "law of karma". And you need to understand and fully embrace your personal as well as collective shadows. When the master Jesus spoke of forgiving your enemy he spoke not of condoning their actions but of recognizing that you and he both were shadow and light together, and that forgiveness provided you both an opportunity to practice a divine alchemy, unifying both shadow and light in the experience of Oneness. He also counselled us to "love your neighbour as yourself". The test for awakened humanity is this. Can you extend the hand of forgiveness and love in this expanded sense to your brothers and sisters in ignorance and darkness, a forgiveness that arises from compassion, a forgiveness that embraces your neighbour, yourself, the dark lords, the power mongers, the satanic forces, the military mind, the secret governments, the illuminate, the "reptilians", "greys", "anarchy", or whatever your own version of the "enemy" happens to be? When you do so, this activates the law of grace, and brings to an end a polarized conflict that opens the door to a full planetary awakening.

More than that it provides an opportunity to resolve and heal a long drawn out intergalactic war, and bring much suffering to an end. It assures that in the "in breath of God" to come that none get left behind. This is the best-case scenario, and one that I have traveled back into your time to seed once again. It begins with belief, followed by desire. Know that it is possible to experience a graceful pain-free unified birthing into the Fourth Dimension and beyond. Know also that you are capable of being the agents of God in this great alchemy. You have already proved this in averting the third probability of cataclysmic destruction. http://www.greatdreams.com/streams.htm