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Grandmother Moon


Please pass this message to all lists. The following is a very
serious article on the imminent death of the moon. This was also
seen by Whitley Streiber. In one of his books he talked about
having a vision of the future in which pieces of the moon were
falling to earth. Robert Monroe also had a vision of the moon
being gone in an astral travel journey into the future where his
guides took him. The future earth is beautiful and very peaceful.
His books are some of the best I ever read.


earthspirit... The Coming Times -

A Message from Standing Elk from:

On thursday, March 4, 1999. I met with my Kola, Steve Red
Buffalo. He asked me this question, "Tunkasila told me that when
the moon dies, there will be no control over the water, there will be
many floods". He then asked me, "What do you think it means?"
We know the first thought that pops in your mind is usually the
answer. The only words that came from my mouth was, "they are
mining up on the moon and they have been there for over 50 years,
I think they dug a little too deep". I told my kola that we would be
going into ceremony and we'll ask the Grandmothers and Grand-
fathers what they mean.

In ceremony Grandmother came to give Her answer. Her dress was
torn and tathered; Her body was marred; Her heart was black from
the emptiness of theft: yet, even still, She came to bear a message of
Love amongst tears and to heal in the steam. Grandmother said,
"two-leggeds have mined my blood and stolen the treasures of my
heart. Greedy ones have taken for wealth and science.

" I choose to die. I choose to give-away for I love Earth and the
children. If you want to help, you may make a bundle for my Spirit;
you can help me transition. My bundle is not for doctoring, nor for
your concerns; it is for prayer--to my Spirit and for the ways of
woman. Keep my spiritbundle pure and until you receive a sign.

" In my giveaway are seven tears. Tears will drop to the ocean
called Peace. The Woman--La Nina--will answer; wave will splash;
blood of Earth will rise to the surface and boil. Though I die--in
death rebirth--a new body will I have, perhaps even twins. If you
care, keep my spirit: for, I will keep for woman."

This is a serious message everyone needs to take into consideration,
meditation and prayer. I am asking the Spiritual Women Nations of
the four directions and the Holy Women Nations of the four races of
mankind to go into silence and pray for answers for the preparation.
For it is the Women who are the representatives of Mother Earth and
Grandmother Moon. Please share this message with everyone and
go into your prayer circles and ceremonies because their is much
that is coming with this message. There is time to change the
outcome of this violation of Spirit. Please drink water, alot of water
during this time, and share the following keys.

1. No more judgment, do not judge yourself. 2. Forgive everyone,
learn to forgive yourself. 3. Find peace with everyone, find peace
with yourself. 4. Love everything and everyone, learn to love yourself.

Mitakuye Oyasin, Standing Elk

It is being said by Many Elders that this time is a very important
time for all Women Nations. It is a time of great empowerment if we
choose to embrace it and heal ourselves. We as Women thru all time
have been and are great visionaries. Much of this power is due to
our connection with Grandmother Moon. We were given the gift of
nurturing and renewing, the power of birth. Our moontime is a time
to reconnect and go deep within. It is in this quiet place that we can
receive our visions, tune to our deep inner Knowing. Imagine the
knowledge and wisdom of our grandmothers who took this time
each moon, 13 times a year for many, many years. It is said the
rhythms of our Grandmother Moon are out of Balance. It is said
that to help the shift our awareness, we need to return to the 13
Moon Calendars. We can honor our own inner wisdom, our own
power of creation and love for all peoples by renewing our
connection with our Moon. As Beautiful Women of this earth, take
this time each month to go within and pray even if just for One day.
Recreate our circles and share our dreams, much healing can be
restored. Grandmother Moon and all of us, our caretakers of the
ways of women. So Honor each other. For peoples who need some
guidance Brooke Medicine Eagle as a verygood video that can assist
you but know that this knowledge is already within you.

"Wisdom Women of the 90's - Moontime, Menarche to Menopause"

Also Jamie Sams " The 13 Clan Mothers" which holds much
beautiful information about the guardians of each moon.

Here is the info posted on Star Knowledge Web. My own under-
standing is that this cry from our Grandmother is a call to all women
to embrace and honor Their moontime and bond with each other.By
healing and reclaiming the beauty and knowledge of woman, this
will spread to our Men Nations and to our Children. If Grandmother
Moon could see more and more of us doing so, It would bring joy
to her heart and as women coming together, it can only bring joy to

A Message to The Men Nation: Help us honor this time, this gift we
hold as your daugthers, sisters, mothers and Grandmothers. Help
us restore this balance. Assist us in creating a sacred space where
we can gather during our Moon While Ceremonies are taking place,
Sundance, gatherings...and let us share the knowledge we may
receive. Giving thanks to the wisdom of my Elders and of my
Brothers and Sisters from the Star Family who have given me so
much beauty, love and laughter, and so much hope. Thank you to
all of you who are as you are!

Grandmother Moon:

" Dear child, you know I believe. I live. I have a spirit. You have
seen many, many changes. You are very ancient. My message is
that I love all of my grandchildren and my daughter, theEarth.
There is on the way comets or meteors that are coming. I am going
to put myself in place, so that this thing will not hit the Earth, my
daughter. This is what is going to split me." "I will be leaving.
But from me there will be two made. Within these two will be part
of you. But this is going to create many changes on Earth and,
within this, females on the planet the most." "You must never
forget me and always honor me. For within you, I will be. Create
a bundle in the physical and within you. Teach the young ones of
me. Always. Remember and Honor me. The children of the Earth
must believe that there are many life forms all around them, and that
each of our actions affect each other. Respect all life forms even if
they do not look like you. I believe that all things are living and
have a consciousness.

My dear Sapokniona, do not cry for me."

( Grandmother, my tears are for the entities on this planet. Why can
they not understand this thing? That what they do to one they do to


" you have seen many changes in many worlds, my dear one. You
understand. Now you must teach others to understand." "Your sister
from Venus will be helping this Earth (who is her sister to) for you
are sisters. In time there will be balance again here. Many changes
will come.

"Grandmother, when will these things happen?

" Sooner than what you know, but for me to say this date, you
know that I cannot do this. I do not understand time. But soon."
"Grandmother is not asking for a healing. Pray for my spirit,
honor me always. (The ways of the woman) Womenís moon times
are going to beaffected and their emotions." "The new spirit of this
planet is androgynous. The way of the woman will be affected. 7
pieces of something is coming from the sky that will fall into the
ocean. When this happens, the world will change focus, and will
not be focused on war. Oceans will raise and large waves. Lava
will arise and flow." "It is time for the woman to balance those
things. For the woman will heal themselves and each other. Then
they will help heal the men and together heal everything else."
Grandmother touched my face and then kissed me. " Teach the
Beauty Way, you know it. You have taught it many times before
in many worlds. "Gratitude, Grandmother."Remember me, do
not forget. " I love you, Grandmother, you have taught us so much
and have been herefor a long time.Why does it have to be this way?

" I too am moving on and will find a new home. We never end. It is
now my turn to also evolve. Others will continue to teach you here."

Blessings, Sapokniona WhitefeatherApache Grandmother

As in the dream that Daniel interpreted for the king, none of the
others could interpret it. Also as in chapter 11:1 of Revelations,
ďAnd there was given a reed like unto a rod:---- like opening
Pandoras Box and reading what is on the wall----Pure Water is
truth and a flood is a flood of truth which is coming upon the Earth.
-----But why should you believe me? ---Then look up into the sky
and see the Big Dipper and follow the two stars in the handle of the
Big Dipper to Epsilon Bootes and note the stars around it in the
form of the peace symbol, that rises in the east and goes toward the
west where it is a man standing with his arms raised in the west
(place of death) and know that that man is you undergoing a
spiritual transformation. But you do not stand alone but all stand
at that place of transformation which is the place of decision to
follow the right path to the good red road. Like lightning east to
west it is always with us but has been hidden till this day of
transformations.------Michael ----

We feel that the message that came forward was to change it's
outcome. We feel that this is the only reason that a prophecy or
prediction is brought forward. We can consciously change the

It was suggested that as we gather as a collective, such as
conferences, (and a great time would be the upcoming Spring
Equinox, millions of people would be gathered all over the planet
at this time and this Equinox is and will be a very powerful time,
very powerful, energies for all.) Pray consciously as a collective
(because energy follows intention), pray for all energies, for the
Spirit of Moon, will be balanced through Love, INTENTION and
FORGIVENESS and to consciously send from all our HEARTS
love and appreciation, light and healing. Instead of taking from
her, we will be giving 100% to her :-) With many, many people
holding this same intention, we CAN and we WILL change the
outcome to a very positive healing energy. If this resonates, all
should be informed, via, email, web sites etc.

AA Michael

Last night in sweats, I saw Grandmother Moon, and received a
message from her. Her face was very old and thin, but yet very
beautiful, andher eyes were still shining brightly. All I could see
was her facebefore me. I'll try to remember word for word what
she said:

Love, Morning Star

Men have a way of translating, creating, doing and being that is
different from women. That is how balance is achieved in all things.
Men are of the physical, of action, doing, moving forward, this is
how they create. Women are of the waters, of allowing, feeling,
of being rather than doing, and this is how we create. The Spirit
Bundles that the men speak of are good, for they are solid,action
of doing in the physical, and the experience of how men feel and
translate my energy and respond with action. My Spirit may dwell
within bundles of the physical only partially, it's keeping and care
a symbol of the keeping and care of the Heart, Spirit and Soul. The
Heart is the place my Soul truly may live and prosper. Within the
Hearts of women I already have a place, a bundle, this is my home,
I am safe and protected and honored in the Heart. Your wombs are
a vessel of Spirit, containing my Waters of Life, and I live within
each of you already on some level, for truly, we are ONE. The
Heart is where I must dwell, within the light of love, and those
Keepers understand they hold my Soul within their Hearts, and
Bundles with their hands.FEEL me. Love, Love, Love, Love,
Love, Love, Love The last part I saw her back up a bit, and spread
out her arms towardsme, unfolding like a blanket of stars, and it
felt she was imploring, or asking to be brought into the Heart with
her gesture.

I only told one person, a woman of the message last night after
sweats, so that I could FEEL about it (rather than "think" about it)
for a while. I was feeling what she said about the man's way and
the women's way,and if the man's way is thinking and doing, then
as a woman I feel and allow...I also was remembering a Druid
ceremony called "Drawing Down theMoon". In this ceremony the
Priestess draws down the full Moon into her heart, and then speaks
to the people gathered in the circle asGrandmother Moon. I took
part in a Drawing Down the Moon ceremonyonce. So, I was
remembering the emotion, what it felt like in my heart when she
entered. I felt following her message that there must be a Lakota/
Dakota ceremony of the Heart, an invitation that she is asking for?
Is there such a ceremony? I also was thinking of the story the
Drunvalo Melchizedek told at theStar Knowledge in Estes Park
about Amatersu, the Goddess of Light. She emerged, trembling
from the earth, afraid to enter this world where there was so much
pain, and as she appeared, she went to each of the men in the circle,
and asked them where could her Soul dwell... The men pointed
to temples, and physical objects etc... but when she went to the
women in the circle and asked that question, the answer was, "In
My Heart". And that was where the Goddess' Spirit went into,
the Hearts of those in the circle to act as her keepers. I kept
remembering the emotion and feeling I had within the heart when
we meditated with the Goddes, and Drunvalo had each of us invite
her into our hearts. So, this is what I heard, and saw, and then felt
last night with Grandmother Moon.

Love, Morning Star

(Science Explanation)

Latest Revelations from NSC consultant Dr. Michael Wolf
by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Late last week I received a phone call from Dr. Michael Wolf,
consultant to the National Security Council's Special Studies Group,
(popularly known as MJ-12.) He provided new information, and
expanded on some previous disclosures. Wolf expanded on his
previous revelation that a secret military spacecraft retrieved an
extraterrestrial space beacon, dubbed The Monolith, from its position
in space, and brought it back to Earth in 1972 for study. The U.S.'s
removal of the powerfully-energized Monolith has caused our Moon
to destabilize 2% from its normal axis. This in turn has adversely
affected Earth's climate. Top International Security officials in
communication with extraterrestrial representatives have requested
them to restore the Moon to its proper axis. But the ETs have
declined to help until the U.S. restores the space beacon to its
original position in space. This is consistent with general ET policy
of providing helpful advice, but not rescuing> humankind from
taking responsibility and action to correct our previous folly...(an
excerpt from a recent e-mail from Dr. Boylan).

Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon is dying

Her body has been raped

By those who walk in greed

They are mining Helium 3 on the dark side

They are of the dark side

They have no respect

Grandmother Moon is dying

And in her dying breathes

Some here, hear her words

Her story and intent

she cries for us to heal her

Seven tears will come into

The Oceans of Grandmother Earth

Before she crosses to Great Mystery

Grandmother Moon is Loving

And bids us to take heed

when seven tears have fallen

Into the great waters of her sister

Grandmother earth

The Cloud People will bring her tears

To all who walk this earth

And Grandfather Sun will see this

And intensify his rays

Such heat will be experienced

For an untold length of days

And Grandmother Moon will leave

This third dimensional realm

Her sister, Grandmother Earth

Will awaken in these times

To feel the waters and the heat

And Wind she will call upon

To cool her precious skin

And in this time

In the blink of an eye

Her renewal and rebirthing

The Fire, Water, Wind in furry go

As she to will leave

This third dimensional realm

Kola, these things are happening now! We are at a crucial point of
our being. Do we assist and pray for All Our Relations that we to
may be found worthy of joining them in the Great Mystery, that we
to will Awaken to our True and Total BEingness. We act in a good
way and honor Great Spirit in all we do (and do not do) in these times.

That is the way of True Family. These "earth changes" are so much
more than that. We are part of the rebirthing as it is occurring
through the dimensions. Remember that we are truly Loved and
Blessed to be a part of this experience.

Sage Morningsky



March 10, 1999 - At the prophets Conference in Phoenix, Arizona,
I told the people there was a fire coming that was going to affect the
Flesh of man. This fire was coming from the sky. I asked all the
astronomers to look for the object. In March of last year, the
meteroite made headlines on the cover of the San Diego newspaper.
This comet or meteorite was on CNN for a few days and there were
two movies that entertained the public that related to the possible
remedies and situations that may arise.

This evening I received a call from Wambli Tokaheya. He said that
the Tunkasila's once again said "there is a fire coming from the sky".
I asked him if this was just a spiritual statement or was it a physical
statement. He said it will be physical. He stated before the snow
falls, before winter of next year, it will come.

Once again I urge all the channelers to do their work and find out
the details of this statement from the spiritual realm. Please bring
the messages in for your circles. Share them with everyone that is
willing to take these seriously. Astronomers, look out into the skies
and do your science thing, I'm positive you'll find the same thing.

If anyone out there has any information they want to share with
everyone, please e-mail me at elkman11@hotmail,com

>>From Wisconsin

As you gather as a collective and individually please incorporate
into your prayer groups and circles. Pray for Divine Intervention
for a graceful transition for Yugoslavia, pray that thru intention
the leaders will remember their collective vision of peace. That all
energies will be balanced thru intention, love and forgiveness..
Sometimes it may be hard to understand that this is all in Divine
Order. Pray for world peace. It is suggested that we keep only
that which is in our true hearts desires at this time as manifestation
is so very strong. It is also suggested that we stay in the NOW and
stay very connected to our beloved mother earth and our souls and
to stay in constant communication with our souls. We Thank You
all. End of Transmission

from : http://www.starknowledge.com/