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Visions of a Tibetan Master


Albert G. Van den Berg Sometime between 1946 and 1952

INTRODUCTION For many years I have had vision, in a more technical sense impressions, of the essential powers we collectively call nature. Ultimately these impressions lead me to the realization that nothing in the realm of Spirit can be understood intellectually. Many of the true Adepts and Masters of the Sacred Mysteries understood this, and as a consequence of that understanding, they spoke in cryptic language or parables.

Through my work in the silence, I gradually became aware of their dilemma. The mind is a power which is not fully understood, or used to its capacity. There is much more to life, the psyche, spirituality and occult than can be grasped intellectually. Despite what is offered as truth by those who confess to know, and regardless of the bantering of clergy or elocution of neomystics, some things still cannot be told. In the final analysis, it is up to each individual to explore personal spirituality, and experience his or her own vision, systematically forcing a break through.

The systemic exploration of Personal Spirituality is called The Path. Through the process of personal unfoldment, the individual gradually becomes aware of the existence of the creative powers. When I first encountered those powers, a deep awareness of the Miraculous surged through me; it evoked a compulsion to communicate with those powers and record my impressions for the benefit of others with the interest, and urge to understand the essence and technicalities of creation. My task was to observe, through clairvoyant vision, the forces that made up and maintained the invisible worlds and record their impressions on me.

The high degree of sensitivity required for that task, followed, and no doubt resulted from periods of serious illness while a Japanese Prisoner of War on the small tropical island of Flores in the Indonesian Archipelago. While captive on Flores, hundreds of prisoners accepted death as the final solution to the grim reality of their suffering. Twice within a period of the nine months, I endured periods of constant suffering, and the bleakness of impending death. Instead of frightful enemies, to the prisoners on the grim hellish island of Flores, suffering and death became close friends. Withdrawing my attention from the decay, sickness and terror, I concentrated on the higher dimensions until I was positioned in the mainstream of occult activities. While in the midst of those activities, I became increasingly aware of the wide variety of manifestations that make up the hidden parts of life. It was during this period that I made direct contact with the forces involved in the evolution of life and the formation of all matter from the atom to the universal. I began to recognize and make note of the "technicalities" involved in the formation of matter and the mystery of creation. The creative activity of the universe, both in the visible and invisible worlds, conceal a drama.

Though my physical body remained apathetic and weak, my vision became stronger. Submerged in the drama of creation, new and invigorating forces kept my spirit alive and my mind alert in preparation for what I now realize, as the task that would present itself after the war. New energies were entering the earth's atmosphere. The clay feet of the iron Colossus, which perpetuated the illusion of man's separateness from the Divine, were disintegrating. A fiery red manifestation of the Logos was preparing the way for the great reunion with Isis, and the formation of a new heaven and a new earth. A new age was dawning. My Consciousness became engulfed in the fire of the Logoic manifestation, and the mighty currents of force which make those powers what they are became visible as consciousness was enlightened.

This manuscript is the result of my mystical experiences with the powers behind the worlds of shape and form. As their actions became clear in my mind, I perceived the nature of a phenomena that the greatest academies of material science, theology and psychology only recognize in a superficial way. The power of observation and the principles observed sprang from the depth of my own psyche; they came from a silence deep within my own consciousness. From that silence, I saw a mighty procession of phenomena, which reflected the principles of creation and of creative methods. It was from the depth of my own being, that I witnessed and recorded a "journey" of events that appeared and disappeared in an unbroken chain of conscious forms, shapes, beings, systems, planes of life, and a vast hierarchy of beings that have an influence on all world activities. Masked in the dynamic outpouring of energies and unending cain of events was a love story, or an affair between the cosmic principles known as Isis and Logos.

The drama of their romance is reflected in every aspects of creation. Their affair is the basis for a technical explanation of the mystery of creation. In the material presented, the reader will find introspective threads that weave through all of the great scriptures of our time, as well as the great lodges and mystery schools. By careful examination of scripture and the literature of the ancient and contemporary fraternal orders, the reader may get a clearer picture of how energy operates in the supernatural words, and the absolute grandeur of the mystery of being. This it is not an attempt to reform contemporary schools of religious thought, minimize the contributions of occult organizations, or advocate change. The observations it contains were not written for the masses, but for the few who, through introspection, can begin to free themselves from collective consciousness and artificial limitations. Its purpose is to put the collective works of science, theology and occultism into perspective, and show the reader the play of the gods.

Students of the various mystery schools have heard of the Guardians of the Spiritual Worlds. These guardians are called angelic beings in world religious teachings. There are multiple worlds, however, and many dimensions governed by great beings who have as their major concern, humanity's progress toward higher consciousness. They have a particular interest in the essence of the human soul. Ancient dramas draw their substance from mythology rooted in the relationship between man and the gods. Folklore and mythology, which today is so easily dismissed, have their insubstantial sources in an occult hierarchy of radiant beings, governed by an illustrious being known as the Silent Watcher. The host of occult beings under the surveillance of the Silent Watcher are presumed to be responsible for the progress of both humanity and the solar system. The reality of the tremendous, frequently miraculous powers behind material existence, has been hidden behind the curtains of time, allegories, legends, and the mythology of ancient races. Dramatization of Divine Beings by the ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Romans, Hebrew and others, suggests that cosmic forces not only created past civilizations, but continue to shape and mold today's world events. Neither science nor religion can deny the existence of "a something" that created and sustains life. Neither can they deny that change is indelibly linked to consciousness, and that history is a conspicuous display of change. The unbroken chain of events, linked by change infused with consciousness, can be readily seen in cultural habits, the features of people and nations, and physical appearances. Some call this change evolution, successive generations of individual and collective species linked through genetic or organic processes.

Whether we use the tool of science or religion to shape our perspectives, we arrive at the same conclusion: regardless the name we give it, a "Thatness" beyond our comprehension brought life into existence. This is because science and religion are polarities of an integrated discipline. In the study of life, one can only be separate from the other intellectually. The universe, however, is born from oneness. Both scientific analysis and religious theory suggest an invisible system of powerful beings (energies ) in a hierarchical pattern. They both agree that there are tremendous forces behind world and cosmic activities. And they are aware that forces, and beings from an invisible world have enormous effects upon the life and well-being of our planet. This hidden hierarchy of cosmic beings have been known to students of Spiritual Science as the "Occult Hierarchy," and to students of material science as physics. It is maintained by a form of inner discipline based upon, and governed by, the economical use of energy.

The invisible energies that govern human and solar activities work through two distinct channels of expression: thinking and feeling. The differences between those systems form the basis for the dual worlds of the brain and the heart, which correspondence to thought and feeling. Each channel of expression is a universe unto itself. The world of thought is presided over by the cosmic principle known as Logos, and the world of feeling is governed by his consort, Isis. A third mystical being, the Silent Watcher, has the task of observing fluctuations in radiation (vibratory resonance) between the two. The dual worlds of thinking and feeling must be in balance for harmony to prevail. When either fails to function within the system of inner discipline, there is chaos.

Logos and Isis embody the male and female aspects of the universe. Differences in the rates of vibrations make up their individual essences, and causes the magnetic fields of attraction between the sexes. This attraction has a range of variations from a very low quality to an exceedingly high octave of vibrancy. When a higher octave of energy emanates from the union of opposites, a higher level of consciousness is possible. This higher form of consciousness is known as intuition, and relates to what is called the "sixth sense." Through the development and evolution of the sixth sense, individuals can become attuned to the Occult Brotherhood of Adepts.

Logos is the first principle of creation, and represents the male aspect of the universe. Logos is expressed primarily through highly evolved beings call Chohans. The Maha Chohan is the chohan directly responsible for the activities of humanity. Isis is the second principle of creation, and represents the female aspect of the universe. Isis is reflected in a principle know as the Maha Deva through which emanates the mighty hosts of angelical beings, also know aagods, devas, nature spirits and invisible helpers. Devas are associated with all forms of organic life, and are in direct communications with human beings. They are responsible for growth and fertility, and for the formation of the elements of water, air, earth and fire. Devas are the essence of our vast natural expanses such as oceans, forests, deserts mountains and the earths atmosphere. In man, the activities of devas are responsible for the formation of the auric web for birth, blood, and the cells of the body. They also influence the organic activities and function of the glands. Chemical substances result from the work of entities, called elementals, under the supervision of the "keeper of the energies," often referred to as a demon. This characterization of demon does not refer to the "Devil" or "Satan" as described in exoteric forms of religion. The keeper of energies is, however, associated with the invisible worlds.

In the context of this manuscript, the higher powers uses the demon to structure the lower, denser formations of substances that form the physical, atomic, and lower astral worlds. Adepts and Masters of the Occult Path serve as special messengers for higher beings from whom they receive instructions and initiations. Instructions from the Maha Chohan and the Maha Deva, for example, are given to and taught by their most advanced students. Students who receive these instructions undergo severe examination in preparation for service to humanity. The single purpose of evolution is to bring reason and feeling into harmony, and to realize the unity of these apparent opposites. Reason and feeling are forces. In their lower aspects, the reason (intellect) and emotion ( ego), are constantly at odds because of their positive and negative polarities. Both these extremes are, however, a part of the spiritual world, present in even the smallest particles of matter. Each individual represent a specific aspect of a greater invisible being, and plays a role in the evolutionary process.

The invisible beings that belong to the Occult Hierarchy, as well as those of the so-called White and Black Brotherhood, have special rates of vibration which can be perceived as colors reflected in their respective auras. The aura of the Maha Chohan is white, that of the Maha Deva is blue, and the color of the Demon Adept is red (reflecting dynamic energy). Thus far, we have only spoken of beings that belong to nature. In contrast, there are numerous beings which are created from man's thoughts and metal images. These beings are called artificial elementals are a part of the greater mysteries, and will be discussed in great detail as this text proceeds. During our discussions, the reader should keep in mind that artificial elementals are mortal. Though they possess the energy of natural beings, and assume their shape and appearance, they do not have the inner energy required to transcend death. Inasmuch, they are spiritual impostors. It is important, given the nature of these spiritual impostors, that the student learn to determine the real from the unreal.

The intellect, however, is extremely clever. It can assume the appearance of reality and invent substitutes for nature while constantly seeking to exploit all that is natural. This false, exploitive, god is described in this text as the Satanic Intellect. Under pressure from the Demon Adept (inner energy in its static form), the Satanic Intellect plots, schemes, and attempt to imitate reality. It attempts in every possible way to seduce man, furthering his downfall, and is determined to create a civilization divorced from its soul. Though the powers of Logos and Isis are present in the whole of creation, the Satanic Intellect, because it lacks a soul, can never become immortal.

Some of the worlds influenced by Isis and Logos manifest in invisible armies of devas, and are only known to initiates and advanced souls. Though seemingly from afar, great beings watch over the continuum of life and the drama in which humanity is involved. The drama, and the forces involved in the play of the gods, can only be unveiled in our inner being. This book is guide for those who arepoised to take the next step in service to the greater humanity.

Peace be unto you!

Albert G. Van den Berg (Guru Dorjie)