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The Peacemaker

The Giver of Life--The Creator--

did not intend that

people abuse one another. Therefore, human societies

must form governments that prevent the abuse of human

beings by other human beings and that ensure peace among

nations and peoples.

Peace is the product of a society that strives to establish

reason and rightousness. "Righteousness" refers to the

shared ideology of the people using their purest and most

unselfish minds.

All people have a right to the things they need to survive-

even those who do not or cannot work. No people or

person has a right to deprive others of these things:

food, clothing, shelter, and protection.

Human beings should use every effort to sit in council

about, arbitrate, and negotiate their differences. Force

should be resorted to only as a defense against the

certain use of force.

Chiefs or leaders are the servants of the people. Everyone

has a right and a responsibility to participate in the

workings of government.

A Portionof "The Great Law"