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Good Friday Meditation

Written for and Read at
The First Presbyterian Church of Northport

Northport, Long Island, New York

by Robert M. Kennedy

Suggested reading: Luke chapter 23 verses 32-43

Here we find Humanity and Divinity side by side once again, like Adam and Eve residing in Eden with the Creator, Humanity and Divinity are involved in the bending of eternity.

From the certainty of Creation to the chaos of freewill and now on Calvary....the certainty of the Lord! Here we see Man and God thrown upon the mound of human disgrace.. bound and hanging by the ever so fragile chord of life.

Just outside of the gate of Jerusalem a crowd gathers around the city's greatest garbage heap. The smell of injustice, corruption and death permeates the air. The shouts and taunts hurled at the Messiah sour the Passover season. But high above the commotion below- hanging on their crosses---- Humanity and Divinity meet face to face

We see two prisoners condemned to death for robbery. We see Jesus condemned to death for bringing life! The scene seems to be about choices.

One thief collaborates with the authorities who have condemned him to his own death. By jeering Christ, this man joins the conspiracy of not only his own death but also in the crucifixion of Jesus. He taunts Christ and dares Christ to save Himself from his captors; not unlike the devil taunting Christ in the desert years before.

But the other thief rises above the shouts and rises above the authorities that have placed him in this situation.

He finds the strength to turn his head and show his face to Christ. He asks for remembrance while proclaiming the Messiah's innocence. Because of his belief he is promised life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are like the two prisoners on the crosses of Calvary.... hanging on the fragile thread between life and death; bound to our crosses by the secular, independent, individualistic society of which we are presently members. Bound by the distractions and obligations of this world, we often times forget our spiritual selves.

Thankfully tonight the members of three congregations join in worship to observe this Good Friday.

Three congregations.... three congregations able to comfortably sit in this one sanctuary!! The distractions of this world have become self evident.

We have choices!....... Like the one thief we can turn towards the saving grace of Jesus Christ - break the grip of this secular life and live eternally in God's Holy Plan; or we can choose to be like the other thief and join the forces of this world that condemn God's ways.... Turn our face away from the Light of the world and bend our deaf ears to the calling of Christ.

By the Grace of God, may we as a people, as a nation and as a world, ....... choose wisely. Amen