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     We at Spritwheel are trying to provide a place where information that is deemed important and useful by the Grandmothers and Grandfathers can be easily accessed. So we present Items that are sent to us and seem like they may be needed. Any questions about does this appear or not are answered by offering tobacco and asking for a yes or no.

    The things that appear here are not choosen because we belive them to be true or "The Truth" but because they are spiritually positive and our editing committee (the Grandmothers and Grandfathers) have told us to include them and told me that someone out there needs to see this or that particular work.

    We only deal in Spiritual work and as such is through inspiration from the the Spirits and the Creator, we do not believe in copywites for this kind of work but feel spiritual messages are to be shared. If someone changes this work or tries to sell or otherwise misuse this, they do so at great peril, the Creator and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers do not like their words twisted and/or sold, people who so do, will find their life becoming more and more difficult as the medicine comes to help them learn about honesty.

    For those who find words of theirs on these pages that changed or not in order or format they originally appeared, please let us know and we will immediately remedy this situation. For those who have copwrited work and object to them appearing here without a copywrite, please write to us and we will remove them. We will not insert a copywrite!

Thank You

William Wereley --    ( )